2 de outubro de 2015

Leitura de cordel

I don't know if you remember but we've met on Miradouro da Senhra do Monte in Lisbon. I've seen your blog and drawings\paintings on facebook. They are great too. I've even dowloaded some of them on my computer and I'am using them as a wallpeper. I hope you don't mind. Everyone who see your drawings is impressed and I can say "I've met this artist personally". I must admit that after our conversation, while long journey to Poland I was talking with my friend about you. We both were impressed of your person, and your attitude to life. You have so much passion, satisfaction and joy from what you are doing that other people can only imagine of. I can't even describe it, I've just thought " wow, this man is able to do what he really wants, live his own life". Thats extraodinary in todays world. 
I' am sorry for such a weird message but I think I've never met such independent and "true" person. 
Karolina from Poland"

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