16 de agosto de 2007


Freedom Festival
Workshop de Stencil
16 8 2007

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Devir disse...

This workshop was a tribute to the freedom of comunication and art in the streets.
Stencil is one of the oldest tecnics of drawing in the history of art. Today is used by people that believe in free streets all around the world because it's the fastest reproduction tecnic with a spraycan. If the homework is properly done!
In this workshop you have the notion of the diferent tecnics how to do your stencil. If you have a message to pass to the world, probably this workshop can show you how to do it.

Ana disse...


May the healing force bee with you :)

e as minhas costas estavam lindas de tão bem pintadas ...

Anónimo disse...

the workshop was great. thank you very much for the contribute you gave to the area i organized with love and heart. people need to find new ways for expressing themselves. dance is probably one of the most important. if we bring new thematics to the festivals were people go to dance, we can improve lots of areas, show what people like you do and spread the message throw the world.
thank you very much for helping pocahontas turning the cultural area into reality!