27 de outubro de 2006


"Inconstancy is my very essence" - said the Wheel.
Rise up on my spokes if you like, but don't complain when cast back down in to the deepths! Good times pass away but than so do the bad. Instability is our tragedy but is also our hope. The worse of the times like the best are always passing away..."[- I Know.]

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Devir disse...

E o que for há-de SER.

{1} mexico signal. continental aproach. Sun roots of a the supreme living gOd. Hola!
this is a love reactiON turned possible because today i find a lost love letter inda
imagine. that you have to choose.
you pick. analise.
and destroy to reCONSTRUCT.
WORK. lovevolution.
selfish pleasure of the shark or instinct?
your chooise. my choise. chop-suey.
maybe you can´t. makes all the diference. dead or alive.
and life is precious. the GIFt.
hunting list.
actiON. atractiON.
loving the alien. follow the shadows. spoting senses and emotions.
be one indian. be myself. by the world. but be.
surfing information or reload information. work again.
work more. more. more.
come with me. to my high love to the sea. the sea of love. every women every man join the caravan. of love. stand up. rize Up. Improvisa e Larga! Larga-te. Solta-te! Solta e Salta.
choose train spoting while o grown. choose the reason in y{OU} and do it beatifully. {NÃO}
aerofleet. aeroflop. aerocargo. aerozone. aerocrash. aerofood. aerolover. aerobabe. aerofobic or aerosol? lonely process. art for shure. for you. and for the world. contribution. evolution.
In Alvalade, a long time ago...
a portuguese teacher called Olivia Caseiro give me 33& because i invent some strange caracters. Another perspective. Another negative. Another small reason. Another passion: My portuguese teacher Olívia. [Like the sound of OLivia. Do you? Come on! say it loud! o L I V i a... Do a song!]
Are you having FUN already? yellOOw smile. are u making fun of my face?
...please continue
if you follow me from the beginnig... OptiON 1: you're liKING. OptiON 2: your you are under F.U.C.K. Or probably both.
Have a T-Shirt. 20€. - My pleasure. Your bomb. Be a Gentleman. Act nice. And dirty. But not in front of the kids.
wise magic process going on in cotton. copybussiness. revolution.
liberdade de expressão não é vandalização. é comichão no neurónio. e o povo agradece porque fica com pulgas.
suck suck sucKUBRICK. and HENDRIX. Freedom Dome for free nice
and vector lovers.
pica! who's the mosquito now? here we go mamAfrica: If you think that you're too small to make the diference, try to sleep closed vvida mosquito.
not looking perfectiON. Just wandering who the fuck am and leave a nice gallery path of memories by my back.
group pretenders. group plans. group chats. Wonderful luxury to forgive yourself. É Grupo!
filo: alvaladense.
take the boys out there. if you dare...
soup-Ó writer.
love the connectiON>love comunicatiON> reaction>devir.
2 big 2 be true. History.
printer malfunction. understanding or not. here a come. you can Wide, i'm gonna find you and make it haPPen. Fugees VS Beegees. As a cicle. Tendency. Nothing. Changes.
love people. feel people. energy consumer. energy giver. cicles, fluxes and refluxes.
history teller. lost soul. lostED music adicted. SOUL fighter. SOUL rider.
monkey bussiness.
com a mania.
do macaco.